WHEN April 28-30, 2017
WHERE Oak Brook, IL Hamburger University

Parenting in SPACE

Parenting in SPACE is a conference, some would call an experience, that offers hope to the moms, dads, and caregivers of children and youth who have experienced trauma in early childhood by providing them with the opportunity to connect, learn, and laugh. Many of the parents and caregivers who attend Parenting in SPACE had children who joined their families through adoption. Some by birth. Most of their children have very challenging behaviors and great challenges managing their emotions. Parenting in SPACE provides parents and caregivers many opportunities to learn the theory, and especially the practice, of therapeutic parenting through SPACE, a parenting model that uses the power of human connection to help children achieve greater self-regulation, stronger relationships and deeper self-worth. Parenting in SPACE offers workshops, support groups, face-to-face time with mental health professionals, and a community of other parents and caregivers - all of whom truly understand the experience of parenting children who have experienced trauma and attachment, and who have behavioral and emotional challenges .

A Note About the Next Conference
8/22/17: Because we know some of you make plans well in advance to attend each year, we want you to know that, as we continue our efforts in the development of quality programming, we have decided to forgo holding a conference in April of 2018. In this coming year it is our plan to review feedback we have received as well as work with our team and others to fully evaluate the program and make decisions about the conference for the future. If you would like to communicate with us about this, please send an email to SPACEplans@hcbh.com. Please, only send your comments to this email. The House Calls Counseling administrative team is going to be reviewing any communication we receive here. Thank you in advance for your understanding, Billy Kaplan and the House Calls Counseling staff

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