2016 Handouts

Introduction to SPACE

Astronauts in SPACE -Christine Moers

Driving in the Yell-Free Lane- Lindsay Crapo

Residential Treatment The Good, The Bad, and The Timing -Elizabeth McGhee and Norm Thibault

Have you heard this one ? A parent, a therapist and a lawyer walk into an IEP…-Rick Simon, Toni Hoy, and Jennifer Hansen

Freedom from Normal- Jilian Lauren

Build A Better Toolbox– Christine Moers

Power of Empathy-Rob Gent

Wait, this spacesuit doesn’t quite fit : A community for foster, step, and biological parents- Katie Jackson

Keeping the bucket filled- Who is caring for the ones giving care – Mary Jo Barrett

Therapeutic writing (For Us!!!)- Jillian Lauren

Keep your behind in the past( Darn dyslexia: keep your past behind you) – Billy Kaplan

Raising Adolescents with Developmental Trauma DBT 101 – Lee Dal Pra