2017 Handouts

SPACE the Universe of Therapeutic Parenting – Billy Kaplan

Astronauts in SPACE -Christine Moers

The Healing Power of Empathy – Rob Genter

Confessions of Therapeutic Parents – Lindsay Crapo

Creating Safe and Secure Spaces for Transracial Adoptive Children and Families – Krista Woods

Racial Camouflage: Blending in the New American Landscape – Krista Woods

These are a Few of Christine’s Favorite Things – Christine Moers

Couple? A Couple of What? – Wendy Kovacs

Top Mistakes Parents at an IEP Meeting  – Jenni Hansen & Toni Hoy

The Therapeutic Manifesto  – Julie Beem and Tif Junker

Serenity During a Tornado – Thane Palmer

Teenagers Scare the Living S*** Out of Me! – Christine Moers

Mastering Playfulness, When Being Playful Isn’t Your Thing – Katie Jackson