Christine Moers Christine Moers

Christine MoersChristine Moers is a mother of five, parent coach, and can be found at She is a co-presenter in the DVD “Chaos to Healing: Therapeutic Parenting 101,” which presents practical application of the P.A.C.E. model developed by Dan Hughes, Ph.D. Her YouTube channel is free to the public, and is utilized across the country by parents, therapists and foster parenting organizations. Christine stands out in a crowd, yet it’s her personable nature which continues to draw people to her in their greatest struggles. She has a unique ability to use humor and raw, personal stories to not only encourage and support parents and caregivers, but to help professionals better understand how to thoughtfully connect with these amazing people who are struggling in the trenches. When she’s not parenting or supporting others who are, she enjoys running, drinking decaf coffee and binge watching shows on Netflix.

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