Julie Beem

In 1999, when Julie Beem began looking for answers to her newly adopted daughter’s extreme behaviors, she never dreamed that a decade later she would be the Executive Director of the Attachment & Trauma Network (ATN). Julie is responsible for the daily operations of the organization, coordinating the efforts of all the other directors, and acting as spokesperson for the organization. Spending the last 18+ years studying all things attachment and trauma-related and supporting/coaching hundreds of parents around the world has given Julie a passion for helping parents find compassion and empathy, especially for themselves. She is continually inspired by the devotion and determination of therapeutic parents and by the hope and healing stories of so many children impacted by trauma. And she doesn’t forget for one second the incredible sacrifices and pain families have to walk through to make it all happen!
Prior to ATN, Julie was the president of a marketing and communications consultancy, The Epiphany Group, and has over two decades of experience in marketing, strategic planning and communication strategies. She has an MBA and has trained extensively as an advocate, especially in the areas of special education and disability advocacy. Julie frequently writes articles and presents workshops on attachment and trauma issues.
Julie, and her husband Dave, are grandparents to the world’s most wonderful one-year-old and parents to four (bio, step and adoptive), including their youngest daughter, adopted from China. This daughter’s attachment difficulties and developmental trauma disorder have changed their lives significantly…in amazing ways.

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