Lindsay Crapo

Lindsay head shot 1Lindsay Crapo is the married mother of nine. …yes, you read that correctly, nine. Two by birth and more through international, domestic and foster care adoption. Lindsay has worked as an adoption facilitator and child specialist for an Orphanage in Haiti for six years. When Haiti and her people were impacted by the earthquake in 2010, Lindsay not only brought her own five children out of that incredible trauma, but flew to Haiti, slept on cement with 100’s of frightened children for three weeks, and with help, obtained humanitarian parole and for 72 children and brought them home to their waiting adoptive parents. She gets trauma as she had to walk side by side with her children to heal herself and help heal her kids. When Lindsay isn’t wiping noses and running kids to soccer and therapy, she is blogging at She also teaches/runs a connection and therapeutic, attachment-based class locally for parents wanting to learn less punitive effective parenting. In her spare time (laugh, cough) Lindsay can be found making jewelry, in her garden while making jams and jellies for the local farmer’s market, and hanging with her 3 enormous Saint Bernard’s…well, not really, but you get the jist. She’s a little nuts, with a whole lot of passion for other working hard to love and learn their kids needs parents.

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