CALO_Logo_transparentAt Calo, we treat a very specific subset of the struggling teen and preteen population: we heal the effects of childhood trauma using an attachment paradigm. Emotionally unstable teens and preteens with a history of trauma (adoption, sometimes abuse or neglect) and wounded in the areas of empathy, altruism, and relationship formation are our focus. Healing this damage requires that lasting change be created within the context of safe relationships, not by virtue of consequences and rewards.

  • A teen or preteen adopted at birth who is struggling to follow most family rules and will not allow guardians to shape his/her behavior.
  • A teen or preteen with a neglect history who is charming but manipulative (a survivor) and only shows his/her true character at home.
  • A teen or preteen with an orphanage or foster care history whose basic coping resources are quite limited.
  • A teen or preteen with little capacity to regulate emotional responses and who suffered from a neglectful and reckless biological mother.