The Center for Child Trauma Assessment and Service Planning (CCTASP)

Northwestern full_logo (1)The Center for Child Trauma Assessment and Service Planning (CCTASP) at Northwestern University Medical School specializes in assessment, treatment planning, and application of evidence-based trauma interventions for underserved children, youth, and families in public sector settings who have been exposed to complex trauma experiences.

The purpose of the Center is to build an infrastructure to assist child-serving systems in understanding, recognizing, and responding to the developmental effects of child trauma. This is being accomplished through training and consultation and the dissemination of resource materials to youth, caregivers, and providers related to trauma-focused assessment strategies and service interventions. These activities will focus on consumers and service providers in a range of child serving environments, including child welfare, residential, and juvenile justice settings.

A key part of their mission is to support child-serving organizations by increasing the accessibility of our comprehensive trauma-focused assessment tool, the CANS-Trauma Comprehensive, and to provide resources to help translate assessment information into meaningful clinical practices. Drawing from both consumer and clinical perspectives and the latest research, we work to identify and address needs and gaps in trauma-focused services in order to increase the effectiveness of trauma assessment and trauma-focused treatment. Through this work, our goal is to enhance understanding and intervention processes so they are more sensitive to a range of trauma symptoms that may be more difficult to identify (e.g., problems with dissociation and affect regulation) but may ‘drive’ high risk behaviors and the need for more intensive services for youth.