Three Points Center

TPC_FINAL_LOGOTheir name, “Three Points Center,” was chosen to acknowledge the importance of the adoption triad—which connectively triangulates the relationship between the birth parent(s), adoptive parent(s), and adopted individual— and to utilize this triad as the solid foundation onto which we have built our entire approach.

However, acknowledging the adoption triad in their name was just the beginning. The founders of Three Points Center realized the importance and necessity of creating a nurturing residential treatment facility solely for adopted teens, geared to address the complex psychological, emotional, and social issues often encountered by adopted individuals and their families. Designed to be a critical resource for those families living the day-to-day joys and myriad of complex challenges resulting from the adoption triad, Three Points Center —and everything it encompasses—was long overdue.

Because adoption can oftentimes present specific attachment and trust issues, the creation of a supportive, safe and compassionate environment is essential. Their team can help adopted individuals journey with their families to build or regain trust, heal a fractured identity and ultimately find a sense of peace and wholeness. This is their daily mission and ultimate goal.